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March 15, 2018

7 Facts About Company Culture at Virginia Tire & Auto

A healthy and thriving company culture is at the top of our priority list here at Virginia Tire & Auto. Why? We care about our employees and we want to retain the talented people we hire. Workplace culture is one of the top factors contributing to employee happiness, according to TINYPulse.

At the beginning of March, Virginia Tire & Auto held our first company Town Hall at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Virginia. After starting the morning off with a warm breakfast and a round of competitive trivia, our CEO, Mike Holmes, took the stage to discuss the importance of upholding Virginia Tire & Auto’s values, especially as we experience continued growth in the months and years to come.

You’ll learn more about our values soon, but what was seemingly evident the moment we all gathered in a Virginia coffee shop on a cold March morning, was the dedication of each and every employee. Employee achievements do not go unnoticed here at Virginia Tire & Auto, and that’s why we take the time to honor those who have gone above and beyond. Dozens of technicians received awards at our Awards Breakfast this winter, and we know this is only the beginning.

But, while the company gatherings and awards ceremonies are great, what makes us uniquely Virginia Tire & Auto can’t be limited to one event or certification.  So, if you decide to pursue a career here, what can you expect?

1. We live out our values.

It’s one thing to have values. It’s another to practice them. The culture at Virginia Tire & Auto is a direct reflection of our company values, which include being professional, attentive, genuine, and forward thinking. Virginia Tire & Auto employees live out our values, day in and day out.

“This company is built on service and leadership. We attract people who share our values, and at the end of the day, our people are our brand,” says Mike Holmes, CEO at Virginia Tire & Auto.

2. Hands-on is the only way.

From our Jr. technicians to our CEO, no one is afraid to get in the weeds. The automotive industry attracts individuals who don’t shy away from tackling a problem head on.

Take one of our General Service Technicians, Boyan Nikolov, as an example. Boyan was one of the recipients of the General Service Award this year, after colleagues gave him raving reviews for his service and dedication.

One employee wrote, “Boyan always puts the customer’s concerns before his own. He will go out of his way just to make sure the team is doing okay and that customers are being taken care of.”

3. A love for local is in our DNA.

It’s not hard to love Virginia, but we especially have a passion for the “mother of states.”

“We’re a family owned business, we’re local. Our kids might be at the same school as your kids. That’s why we’re so hands-on and attentive to customer and employee needs,” says Julie Holmes, President at Virginia Tire & Auto.

Current and former Redskins players even pay us a visit from time to time. Whether we’re outfitting DeAngelo Hall’s Bentley Flying Spur with new tires or giving an 83’ Nissan Sentra a simple oil change, we take care of each and every vehicle and love serving the communities in which we work.

4. We don’t skimp on professionalism.

At Virginia Tire & Auto, we have professional processes that we implement wholeheartedly, from the design of our stores to the dialogue we share with our customers.

“We win by providing consistently convenient service to our customers. Everything we do is about being professional in an industry that is rarely known for professionalism,” Mike Holmes reiterates during the Town Hall.

5. Family is everything.

Virginia Tire & Auto is a family owned and operated business.

It all started in 1976 when our founder, Myron Boncarosky, became the owner of Main Street Shell in Fairfax City. His expansion into multiple full-service gasoline stations in Virginia ultimately led to what is now the Virginia Tire & Auto brand; a high-tech auto-repair shop that has served customers’ needs for more than 40 years.

We make our customers feel like family, too. From the occasional donut delivery our technicians receive to the number of multi-generational families that deem us their go-to auto repair shop, it’s evident that Virginia Tire & Auto has earned the trust of customers.

6. We’re not afraid of change.

At Virginia Tire & Auto, we are constantly evolving. We don’t strive for perfection, but we strive to be better every single day.

The automotive industry is ever changing,  keeping us on our toes and motivating us to adapt. At the end of the day, the employees at Virginia Tire & Auto do whatever it takes to take the stress out of auto repair for our customers.

7. Continuing education is essential.

Our talented technicians hold over 300 certifications and more than 20 years of experience working on all vehicle makes and models. This still hasn’t stopped them from seeking new opportunities for skill development and career growth.

Virginia Tire & Auto invites any employee who is interested to apply for our Mechanic Apprentice Program. This is a paid opportunity for technicians to shadow a master technician for twelve months, earning on-the-job training and preparation materials for their Automotive Service Excellence Exams (ASEs).

We believe in investing in our staff and jump at any opportunity to support the development of our committed employees.

Interested in working for us?

If the culture at Virginia Tire & Auto peaks your interest, we’d love to talk. Apply for one of our jobs today and take the next step in your automotive career.

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