Car Care Tips

Tips to keep your car on the road.

  1. Safety November 29, 2018

    The Winter Driving Checklist Every Driver Needs

    Tips for driving in snow, ice, and freezing rain.

  2. Maintenance November 15, 2018

    5 Auto Mechanic Tricks That Raise a Red Flag

    Have you ever gone into your local auto repair shop for a simple oil change and walked out with a long list of random repairs and a hefty bill? You may be falling victim to one those classic auto mechanic “tricks.” As our technology gets smarter, the longevity and reliability of our vehicles continues to […]

  3. Virginia Tire & Auto November 6, 2018

    Richmond, Meet Virginia Tire & Auto!

    Virginia Tire & Auto is happy to announce that we are expanding to Virginia’s capital — Richmond! In January 2019, we will be opening our doors in Harpers Mill in Chesterfield County. Chesterfield County has a rich history when it comes to roadways. In fact, the very first paved road in Virginia was built in […]

  4. Maintenance November 5, 2018

    What is Engine Braking and Why is it Important?

    Learning how to operate your vehicle’s brake system is one of the first things covered when learning how to drive. Using the footbrake is the most common way to reduce your speed, both in an emergency and in normal conditions. But, is using the footbrake the most efficient way to slow down? We’re exploring the […]

  5. Safety October 17, 2018

    Car Seat Safety Tips You Need to Know

    As a parent, keeping your child safe is one of your top priorities. One of the most dangerous activities that a child does in any given day is travel in a car. In fact, for children under the age of four, auto crashes are the leading cause of death, according to the CDC. As your […]

  6. Tires September 19, 2018

    Can You Rotate Your Own Tires?

    Tires have a finite lifespan, but with sufficient care, you can maximize their longevity. One of the most important aspects of proper tire maintenance is tire rotation. Many car owners wonder if they can skip the trip to the auto repair shop and do the rotation themselves. While this can depend on a variety of […]

  7. Maintenance September 13, 2018

    What Happens When a Fuel Pump Goes Out?

    Each part of your vehicle has a job. All these parts work together to make your vehicle move forward and backward safely, and depend on one another to get that job done. The fuel pump is no exception. When it’s not working properly, it can cause significant issues from front to rear bumper. The fuel […]

  8. Safety August 29, 2018

    Is it Safe to Drive Your Car With the Check Engine Light On?

    The symbols and notification lights on the dashboard of your car are, for the most part, not optional. Is it safe to drive your car with the check engine light on? The short answer is, it depends. Maybe you have a story or two in your back pocket about a time when the check engine […]

  9. Savings August 23, 2018

    How to Create a Solid Car Maintenance Budget

    Life can throw a curveball once in a while. Or, a nail in the road. If you don’t have a solid car maintenance budget, you could be scrounging for cash to pay for unexpected, expensive repairs or even just to keep up with regular car maintenance. Did you know? One-third of drivers in the United […]

  10. Maintenance August 16, 2018

    How Long is a Car Battery Supposed to Last?

    Your battery is your vehicle’s lifeline. If your battery isn’t in working order, your car won’t be, either.  So, how long is a car battery supposed to last? It depends on a variety of factors. Given the important role your car battery plays in your vehicle’s ability to function, it’s important to first understand how […]

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