Car Care Tips

Tips to keep your car on the road.

  1. Maintenance October 8, 2019

    How Long is a Car Battery Supposed to Last?

    Every vehicle needs a car battery to start the engine. Your car battery also filters, produces, and sustains power for the ignition and electrical systems. Basically, your battery is your vehicle’s lifeline. If your battery isn’t in working order, your car won’t be either. So how long is a car battery supposed to last? How […]

  2. Safety September 27, 2019

    Why Should You Consider Filling Your Tires With Nitrogen?

    It seems like the TPMS light always comes on at the worst time, like when you’re running late, it’s freezing cold outside, and you haven’t had your morning coffee. If you want to avoid the low-pressure light, consider using pure nitrogen to inflate your tires instead of regular compressed air. It’s a small change that […]

  3. Tires September 16, 2019

    Tire Maintenance 101: Taking Care of Your Tires

    Tires, like any car component, need proper care to perform and last as designed. The good news is that proper tire maintenance is quite simple.

  4. Tires September 10, 2019

    Tire Protection Plan: Is It Worth It?

    There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to buying new tires. From determining the brand and tire line you want to the size and specifications you need, things can get complicated quickly. One of the most confusing decisions for tire shoppers is whether to add a tire protection policy to their […]

  5. Safety August 13, 2019

    Car Seat Safety Tips You Need to Know

    As a parent, keeping your child safe is one of your top priorities. But one of the most dangerous activities that a child does in any given day is travel in a car. In fact, auto crashes are one of the leading causes of death for children in the United States, according to the CDC. […]

  6. Maintenance July 23, 2019

    Why Is My Car’s A/C Blowing Hot Air?

    There are few things worse than getting into a hot car on a summer day, cranking up the A/C, and getting a face full of hot air instead of cold. Having a broken air conditioner is definitely uncomfortable, and it can even be dangerous if the car’s temperature gets too high. We want to make […]

  7. Virginia Tire & Auto July 5, 2019

    Prep Your Engines: The Virginia State Vehicle Inspection Price Has Increased

    As of July 1, 2019, Virginia drivers have to pay a little bit more for their annual vehicle inspections due to a bill passed earlier this year. The bill, HB 2514, raises the price of mandatory annual Virginia vehicle inspections from $16 to $20. Why Increase the Inspection Price? When service stations perform Virginia state […]

  8. Maintenance June 11, 2019

    How Long Do Brake Rotors Last?

    Even on a short trip to the grocery store, you’ll probably use your brakes 20 to 50 times. Now imagine how much work your brakes do in rush hour traffic or on long road trips! That’s a lot of wear and tear building up with every press of the brake pedal. Your brake rotors play […]

  9. Maintenance May 3, 2019

    What are the Signs of a Bad Transmission? 4 Things to Look For

    Though your car is put through its paces during your annual Virginia vehicle inspection, evaluating the exact state of your transmission isn’t on the inspection checklist, so it’s up to you to know when your transmission is in need of a tune-up. If you miss the signs that your transmission has taken a turn for […]

  10. Tires April 19, 2019

    What Do the Numbers on My Tires Mean? How to Read Tire Sizes

    Being able to quickly glance at the sidewall of your tire and determine the tire size your specific vehicle needs can save you time, trouble and money. Even still, not many people know how to actually read a tire size even though it’s printed right there on the sidewall. As a mix of letters and […]

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