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Car Belt & Hose Replacement

Car belts and hoses are some of the fastest wearing components on your vehicle. Engine heat, vibration and moisture can cause these parts to wear down and break. At Virginia Tire & Auto, we examine all car belts and hoses whenever a vehicle is in for service as part of our 25-point inspection. We perform car belt replacements and car hose replacements all at an affordable price.

What kind of car belts and hoses are in my vehicle?

  • Car belts both power accessory components and keep your engine running smoothly. Serpentine belts and timing belts are two belts commonly found on vehicles:

    Hoses Your car has many hoses throughout the engine bay. These hoses transport air and fluid between critical components to keep your car running efficiently. For example, your car has two large hoses running from both ends of the radiator that allow engine coolant to flow through and cool down during driving. Without the movement of the coolant, the engine could overheat and seize. Car hoses are typically made of rubber to save weight. Over time this rubber degrades and wears down, causing the need for hose replacements.

  • Serpentine Belts These car belts are also known as accessory belts, drive belts, or alternator belts. The serpentine belt often runs functional parts of your car like the A/C compressor, water pump, power steering pump and the alternator, which charges your car’s battery. Without the serpentine belt, the A/C could not run, coolant could not be supplied to the engine, and steering the car would be difficult.

  • Timing Belts The timing belt is a critical component of your vehicle’s engine. The timing belt synchronizes the moving components of the engine. This car belt is usually driven by the crankshaft. As the crankshaft rotates, the timing belt rotates along with it and drives the intake camshaft and exhaust camshafts. The rotation of the camshafts ultimately powers the car.

Why should I get my car belts and hoses replaced?

Car belt replacement is a critical piece of keeping your car maintained.

  • Your serpentine and timing car belts are made of rubber. The rubber material wears while your engine is running. If your timing belt wears down it can potentially break or slip.
  • A snapped timing belt can cause serious engine damage during operation, so it’s important to perform car belt replacement at the scheduled maintenance intervals recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.
  • The same can be said for your serpentine belt. If the material wears down, the serpentine belt will stop powering components like the power steering pump, water pump and alternator.
  • By taking your car in for a belt replacement, you can avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Your car hoses experience the same wear as belts do.

  • Rubber car hoses are also exposed to high heat. The car hoses crack, tear and sometimes burst, causing fluid leaks, vacuum leaks or air leaks. Over time these leaks can get worse and lead to more costly repairs.
  • Inspecting your vehicle for damage car hoses and getting a car hose replaced before they burst or leak can prevent unnecessary repairs.
  • A simple car hose replacement now can save hundreds down the road.

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What are the common signs that I need a car belt replacement or a car hose replacement?

There are a few ways to tell if a car belt needs to be replaced:

  • If you hear the belt squealing loudly during acceleration or when turning the steering wheel fully, it could indicate the car belt is slipping and needs to be replaced.
  • You may also hear a slow slapping sound while the engine is idling, or the pulleys can make a whirring or grinding noise while the belt spins around them.
  • The timing car belt is usually underneath a protective cover, so it is difficult to determine visually if the belt should be replaced.
  • Sometimes whirring noises can indicate a timing belt needs to be replaced.
  • It is best practice to follow the manufacturer-recommended service interval for replacing the timing belt. Depending on the vehicle, a manufacturer will recommend a car belt replacement at a certain mileage.

Car hoses should be inspected regularly for any leaks or cracks.

  • The best way is to look under the hood of your car and check all the hoses for cracks, fraying or missing pieces.
  • You can also look for any wet spots on the car hoses that could indicate a potential leak. If you find any worn hoses or leaks, it’s best to bring your car to Virginia Tire & Auto.

Can Virginia Tire & Auto replace my car belts and hoses?

Virginia Tire & Auto’s ASE Certified Technicians have the tools and knowledge to perform any car belt replacement or car hose replacements. We service all major automotive brands, and, through our 25-point inspection, we can identify any damaged worn car belts and hoses that need replacing. Schedule an appointment today and one of our technicians will be happy to help you with a belt replacement.


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We service all major automotive brands.

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