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Car alignments refer to the position of the vehicle’s wheels relative to your car. Proper wheel alignments ensure that tires are parallel to each other, pointing straight ahead and level with the ground. Without the correct alignment, your tires will resist steering commands and make it difficult to handle your vehicle.

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 What can cause my car to go out of alignment?

Wheel alignments can be needed for many reasons. Running over potholes can have a negative effect on your vehicle’s suspension. Bumping something hard—one of those cement light pole protectors in the supermarket parking lot, for instance—can affect car alignments. Even running into a curb with too much force can create an alignment issue.

A driving mishap isn’t always the cause of an alignment problem, though. Sometimes age and use can damage your car’s suspension and, over time, cause your tires to slowly lose their alignment.


How do I know if I need a wheel alignment?

Your car is drifting.

Drift is a dead giveaway that your car is out of alignment. Drift means that your car has a tendency to move towards one side of the road or the other. If you need to rotate the steering wheel at an angle just to keep your car moving straight ahead, you may need to get your car aligned.

Your tires are wearing unevenly.

Take a look at your tires—are the treads wearing evenly? If you are unsure of what to look for, here are some hints:

  • Saw teeth: Feel your tire. Does the sensation remind you of saw teeth? These patterns are a common sign of an irregular tire wear condition called heel/toe tire wear.
  • Feathering: Do you notice scuffing across your tire tread? This may be feathering, which is caused by changes in the caster or camber angles.
  • One-sided shoulder wear: If you notice that one side of your tire is wearing down faster than the tire as a whole, this is one-sided shoulder wear. It is also caused by caster and camber alignment issues.

Why does car alignment matter to me?

Your tires wear down more quickly when your car is out of alignment. Worn tires cannot displace water as efficiently as tires with proper tread, making your vehicle more susceptible to hydroplaning on wet roads.

It’s also harder to steer when your car’s wheels are out of alignment, which can be dangerous in any traffic situation. The steering wheel may vibrate and shake, even at low speeds. You find yourself oversteering just to drive straight.

Think you’re saving money by putting off wheel alignments? Replacing worn tires can get expensive! So can the fuel you’ll need to purchase more often since bad alignments ruin your gas mileage.

We use cutting-edge wheel alignment technology to make adjust the angles of your vehicle’s wheels. Your car’s tires should be both parallel and perpendicular to the road surface whenever you drive. This positioning extends the life of your tires, improves your gas mileage, ensures safe driving and offers you real peace of mind.

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