40 years of family.


February 3, 2017

Why it Lasted

JOHN: I think it’s all about our relationships that we have with our customers. With our employees, with the owner of the company.

JEFF: Hard Work. He was there every day. When he first opened this operation and I came to work here, he was here every day, he was on time every day, and he never left until the last man had left. So that’s…I guess there’s no other…it’s consistency. That’s the name of the game. He was very good at it.

JULIE: They never shied away from rolling up their sleeves and giving the business all that it required. The commitment to our customers, to our employees, that all comes from my dad. He believed in it. He believes in it to this day, wholeheartedly. We are very protective, Mike and I, of his legacy, and making sure the best of what my parents brought to this business is carried forward to the next generation.

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