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October 21, 2016

NFL Quarterback Kirk Cousins on How Virginia Tire & Auto Keeps his Van Safe on the Road

It’s really for my van, it’s been all my car needs. When the season ends, I have to road trip my van about 600 miles down to Atlanta for the offseason and so I want to make sure that every piece of the van is working.

And so I just take it in, tell the guys at VTA to do a once over, make sure everything is clean and safe. And then when I get back from the offseason, I bring the van back up from Atlanta and once again I have them take a full look at the van.

The tires, the engine, the air conditioning – I got to make sure my wife’s comfortable in the car. And so they get everything done, give me a long inspection and show me all the different points, and make it very simple for a guy like me who doesn’t understand cars.

Makes it very simple to understand and know what the needs are. And as a result, I feel very safe on the road.

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