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June 7, 2017

A Story for the Ages

We probably had 30 cars in for service and we had cars stacked up for state inspection, and the fuel tanker came in to unload gas. The truck pulled in the lot, it pulled right up here on the inspection ramp and blocked the bay. Well, that’s the original sin because the inspection bay has to function.

Myron went out. You could always tell when Myron was excited because he had one finger up. If he’s really excited, he had two fingers up and two fingers over the head was a red alert.

And there he went across the parking lot, to the tanker. “You gotta move, I need to get in here.”

Guy climbed out of the tanker, totally ignored him. So it’ll be done in half an hour.

Myron said, “No! I got to move it now!” He walked around the side of the truck to dump the gas.

Well, Myron looked around, he thought about a minute, he climbed up on the truck. Opened the door. Got in a seat. Shut the door. Fidgeted around a minute, and the engine started.

I don’t think he ever drove a truck. This is in mid-70s R-model Mack, with two gear shifts and no power steering and air brakes and very much a truck. Well, the Leprechaun heard this and he come running around the truck.

“Stop! You can’t do that, you can’t do that!”

Myron ignored him, fidgeted around, the truck lurches forward, lurches forward again. Myron’s cranking the wheel. He manages to scoot the truck up, eight or ten feet to clear the inspection ramp.

I didn’t think he shut the truck off, I think he just let the clutch out and stalled it. Opened the door to make sure it wasn’t going to roll anywhere, got out, walked away. No comment.

The leprechaun chased him, said, “you can’t do that, you can’t do that!” Myron turned around, said, “that’s where I want the truck every time. Do it that way.”

And guess what, he didn’t say anything else. He dumped the gas, end of story. Except, every other time he came here, that’s where the truck ended up. And when he got out, he locked the truck, so nobody could do that.

But that just goes to show me at that point that Myron would do anything necessary to keep the business- keep the workflow going, keep things moving.

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