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July 1, 2014

Our Culture

CHRISTIAN: The reason I didn’t want to work here is because I had a concept of an auto shop. First thing I saw when I came in and saw the lobby, was it’s different.

JOHN: You could start off being a tire changer and end up you know being in management and maybe it one day even running your own store.

LARRY: Our company is growing at a quick pace now and being in the area that we’re at, these are rather high volume locations, so it’s going to take significant employees in the building and that takes significant management at multiple levels.

JOSH: There’s a lot to learn not only up, but you know, sideways in the company.

JEREMY: They focus, they the company, focus very internally and I’m all about educating internally and getting people to move up through the company, so they’re very, very focused on more of a microscopic, the people on the inside and growing, versus just making the number at the end of the day.

MIKE: We invest a lot in our people, we invest a lot in tools, we invest a lot in our facilities, that are sparkling compared to other shops. We’re on main roads, so people see us. We’re easy to get in and out of. We have lots of parking. We’re totally different, so I don’t even really compare us to other shops. I think we’re in a league of our own.

MYRON: When I hire people or I talk with different people and they’re looking for a career. And I say, “If you want to be successful, three things are very important. Number one, become knowledgeable about your field. Number two is you’ve got to have discipline. And the third thing, probably if you don’t- you can be excellent on those other two, but if you don’t have integrity, it all falls apart.”

KEVIN: It’s a good place to start, a good place for someone that’s been doing this for years.

NOAH: I mean when you when you get along with everybody, you don’t mind getting up in the morning. It’s not a dreadful thing when the first day of the week comes, just come in and roll with it.

HARRY: I’ve been around since I was 12 years old in automotive and this is definitely the best shop I’ve ever been in in my life. As a company in as a whole, we- we love our employees, we love our customers.

LARRY: Helpful.

CHRISTIAN: Different.

JEFF: Honest.

ANDREW: Interesting.

RON: Fantastic.

SAM: Adventurous.

PHILIP: Flawless.

CHRIS: Family.

JOSH: Efficient.

JEREMY: Strategic.

STEVE: Exciting.

JULIE: Pride.

MARIA: Fantastic.

MYRON: Very competent.

MIKE: World-class.

BOB: Great.

JASON: Amazing.

JOHN: Family.

VINCENT: Different. For automotive, it’s just totally different.

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