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February 3, 2017

What I Learned from Myron

STEVE: Myron was a heavy influence for me when I first started with the company as far as my drive to succeed.

DAN: He told me a lot about being a leader, what it takes to be a leader, of the importance of being a leader. He showed me the value of relationships, of the importance of that, building upon those relationships, you know, and being able to help others just like Myron has helped me in my career.

JOHN: Taking care of the customer. Myron always preached, take care of the customer and the rest will come.

DAWN: First thing Myron taught me personally was, most important decision in your life is the partner that you’re going to choose to be with for your entire life.

JOHN: He was kind of like a father figure in my life too, he’s a mentor, a coach. I mean, he did a lot for me and we just have a great relationship. I feel like part of the family. I spend every Christmas for the past 25 years with Myron and Carol, two hours at a Christmas and spend time together, so it’s a great relationship.

JULIE: Ever since I can remember, my dad was always instilling me messages of positive thinking and discipline and hard work.

KRIS: Biggest thing I remember from Myron is not to back someone in a corner, to be open to both sides of a story, learn what their take was and how they handled a situation, and make everyone feel comfortable and having that conversation with you.

DAN: Leaders get results. Take care of the customer and they’ll take care of you, you know. Take care of your people they’ll take care of the customer, you know. It’s just something like ingrained in my memory and it’s just, you know, I always count on Myron to always have that conversation with me every time he came in.

JEFF: Myron taught me that it wasn’t- I don’t have to know everything in this business to be successful. If I don’t know something, I just need to know who I need to call or who I need to get in touch with who knows what information I need, so I can continue to be successful.

CHRIS: Well, he’s always been set very high standards for everybody. You got to be here on time. You got to work, if you’re here. You got to have something show at the end of the day – what you do? No standing around. If you’re in between something you better be working on something else, you better be trying to accomplish something else.

MIKE: Myron always talks about what it takes to succeed, always feel that guidance to every employee, so every one of us deserves, or owes a ton of gratitude for the opportunities we all have.

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