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October 21, 2016

NFL Quarterback Kirk Cousins on Why He Chose Virginia Tire & Auto for All His Car Needs

Several of the VTA locations are close to both my house and work, so I drive by them quite often… took the van in to get serviced, for a normal oil change and I just found the customer service to be very simple and easy.

I’m not a guy who knows a lot about cars, especially the inner workings of cars, and so I want people who I can trust, who I know aren’t going to pull one over on me. And I just got the feeling right away that Virginia Tire and Auto was going to be honest, straightforward and that my time is very valuable. And so, I didn’t want to waste time.

When people work on my car, I want it to be efficient and quick and get to the point and they did just that. There was no waste of time, they identified the problems right away and it made it easy. And I said from here on out I don’t need to look any further, I’m gonna keep going to Virginia Tire and Auto for all my auto care needs.

With a van that’s 16 years old, there are a few needs, you know, every so- every few months.

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