40 years of family.


February 3, 2017

In their own words

JOHN: Myron always had a couple of sayings. He told me that failure is not an option, and he always reminded me of Winston Churchill. He gave the speech one time, he said- he got up on stage: “never, never, never give up!”

JULIE: I use Myron-isms but when I’m unsure that- when I’m not sure what to say, I think of what my dad would say.

MIKE: Myron is very passionate about the business and enjoys spending time at the stores, he enjoys talking about the business.

STEVE: You know, when I think of Myron I think of family and I think of integrity and I think of such great success stories that I think of and it’s a great motivator.

DAVE: He’s like almost a father figure to everybody here. He cares about all these employees.

DAN: Myron is a very charismatic, very passionate about what he does, you know. He tries to instill that in a lot of his employees.

JEFF: He had a goal and he achieved it.

STEVE: Myron is just all about customer service. You know, going out of your way, to make- to do what’s right for the customer and you know I really strive to live up to his standard. I mean it really, the company standard is his standard. He said it through all the years of his blood, sweat and tears with the company, and you know I strive to meet that and I would never want to let Myron down, you not meet that goal for him.

JEFF: He always believed in taking care of his people and those people would take care of him and that’s exactly how he’s got where he’s at.

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