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July 17, 2013

The History of Virginia Tire & Auto

So I went up to Centreville, Virginia and I bought a piece of property – four dollars and seventy-five cents a square foot and was going to put Myron’s Garage out there. Turned out it became a Goodyear.

If somebody says Myron, “why do you want to reinvent the wheel?” You want to choose the resource available to you. And from there we went into that store and took all the skills we had from the service station, applied it there at that location and took people that work with us and we grew that business and became Goodyear’s top store.

Then a few years or a year later or so, we’ve got an opportunity with Shell, they came in, they offered a couple more stores to us. We took those stores over, one in Vienna and one out in Great Falls.

Then Goodyear came to us and said they had a store over in Chantilly, and we took that store over, so we just kept growing and growing and growing. Surrounded ourselves with good people.

That’s been the difference right there, is having good people where you can delegate responsibility. You can’t keep good people unless you give them opportunities, that’s what I want. Why should I train and develop people and turn them over to my competitor?

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