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July 17, 2013

Extra Mile Oil Change

BOBBY: My name is Bobby, I’m the lube supervisor here. Simply, we just run around, check and top off all the fluids – this one being the washer fluid. They typically color-code it for you, kind of idiot proof, blue for your washer fluid. The coolant, it’s not going to fill up like the washer fluid. There’s a max markdown here.

This one’s actually fairly decent, just a little squirt will do you. Typically, what we like to do is check belts and hoses as well. Here you get a squeeze on them, see if they’re soft or brittle.

This one’s in good shape and if you want to get down in here, right here, we’re looking for cracks in the belts. Typically, we like to test the batteries on every car so they know the status of their battery. Put the negative up and you go to the positive and the results of this test, their battery’s in great shape. So we’ll print it out and we’ll give a copy to the customer.

There’s a shield we have to remove to get to the oil drain plug and the filters. So he’s pulling the shield and then he’ll go ahead and pull the drain plug, let all the oil drain out while I’m doing my checks.

After it’s drained out he’s going to change the oil filter and he’ll yell up to me saying we’ll start and that gives me the okay to drop oil and start the vehicle.

As you can see, that air filter is in pretty bad shape and with this being as dirty as it is, instead of taking the throttle body apart, I typically would possibly recommend an air-fuel induction service due to the fact what gets this filter is also getting by, getting into the throttle body. And here’s what a nice air filter is going to look like.


BOBBY: A dirty air filter is kind of like putting the mask over you, makes it hard to breathe so it can eventually shut your engine down if you do not replace it. It does affect gas mileage, like I said it’s like putting a rag over your face and breathing, you know.

This is what with the dirty air filter – that’s what it’s doing to your engine. It’s shutting it down.

This customer requested Mobil One oil, it’s a higher grade Mobil oil, which has a better oil additive package than your conventional oil. It protects the engine and valves a lot better. It allows you to go 5 to 6,000 miles per oil change versus your typical 3,000. But at the same time, we still do recommend not exceeding what the manufacturer recommends as far as oil change intervals.

So if they tell you 4,000, do it 4,000. If they tell you 7500, you’re good for 7,500.

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