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As the largest manufacturer of tires in the world, Bridgestone offers a vast selection of tires for all vehicle makes and models. We’re proud to offer the following Bridgestone tires as part of our VTA Tire Collection: Potenza RE980AS, DriveGuard, Turanza QuietTrack, Dueler H/L Alenza Plus, Ecopia H/L 422 Plus and Ecopia EP422 Plus.

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While there are dozens of tire options to choose from, Virginia Tire & Auto features four Bridgestone Tire lines in our top 15 selection.

With crisp handling and impressive grip all year round, the Potenza RE980AS is the perfect All-Season Ultra High Performance Passenger Car tire. Boasting a redesigned tread with more see-through void and open shoulder slots, the Potenza performs as well on hairpin turns as it does on straight-aways in any season. This tire reduces the risk of hydroplaning, has an asymmetric tread design that features snow ridge walls, and improves both wet and dry braking — making driving a breeze in any weather.

With Bridgestone’s DriveGuard tire, you can drive with zero psi in your tire for up to 50 miles. Bridgestone’s Run-Flat Technology, Nanoprotech, cooling fins, and sidewall support give you confident traction and handling even in wet conditions. This All-Season Touring Passenger Car tire supports the weight of your entire vehicle, distributing weight evenly to allow for even wear and longevity in your tires. By boosting handling in wet conditions, DriveGuard is perfect for those who need peace of mind on the road.

The Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tire improves your SUV and truck’s fuel efficiency while offering an extended tread life and a comfortable ride. Its optimized contact footprint and variable block wall angles enhance comfort and reduce noise while driving, while its 3D sipes offer excellent performance in all seasons. Combining road-gripping technology with luxury-complementing designs gives you the freedom to take your vehicle wherever you need to, whether that’s off-road or on display.

For all-season, eco-friendly passenger car tires, look no further than the Ecopia EP422 Plus. Engineered for fuel efficiency, this tire boasts recycled ground rubber, fuel saver sidewall compounds, and Nanoprotech technology, giving you a smooth ride with greater fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. With optimized contact footprint and full depth grooves, the Ecopia channels out water with its increased flexibility in its tread compound, reducing the risk of hydroplaning while improving traction and handling in wet conditions.

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