Car Care Tips

Tips to keep your car on the road.

  1. Maintenance August 29, 2017

    Everything You Need to Know About Timing Belts

    From crankshafts to camshafts, this article will explain how a timing belt works and why it needs to be replaced.

  2. Maintenance May 17, 2016

    How to Avoid an Accident

    Use these tips to avoid an accident.

  3. Maintenance May 17, 2016

    Avoid the Kicking and Screaming for Your Next Road Trip

    Now that the cost of flying for a family of four is about four times more expensive than driving, many families will opt for packing the minivan this year to reach their destination- and we are here to help your trip run smoothly! We could provide all sorts of tips on proper car maintenance (after all, […]

  4. Maintenance February 25, 2016

    Do I Need to Replace My Timing Belt?

    This article explains the importance of your vehicle’s timing belt and provides signs of when it needs to be replaced.

  5. Maintenance February 9, 2016

    Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

    A wheel alignment refers to an adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension (the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels). Virginia Tire & Auto uses Hunter wheel alignment equipment, recognized as the best in the industry. Our technicians adjust & align the wheels of your vehicle to make ideal contact with the road. It is recommended to have your […]

  6. Maintenance February 3, 2016

    40 Automotive Trade Secrets

    For 40 years we’ve been Northern Virginia’s first choice for car service. And we’ve learned a few things along the way. Here are 40 automotive “trade secrets” to help you get the most out of your car.

  7. Maintenance January 28, 2016

    Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balance

    Everyone who owns a car has heard about the importance of wheel alignment and wheel balance, but a lot of people don’t know why it is actually important. This article covers some of the most common questions about wheel alignment and wheel balance so you’ll never be left scratching your head again.

  8. Maintenance January 26, 2016

    Signs You May Need New Spark Plugs

    Spark plugs play an essential role in your vehicle. This article explains the signs you should look for to know when to replace them.

  9. Maintenance January 14, 2016

    Why Choose Synthetic Oil?

    Synthetic motor oils contain more highly refined base oils than those used in conventional mineral oils, which can offer you better protection and performance. Synthetic oils provide a variety of benefits, such as excellent high- and low-temperature performance, that can provide excellent engine protection.

  10. Maintenance January 11, 2016

    Your Vehicle’s Serpentine Belt

    As the serpentine belt gets older it can wear, fray, crack or rubber parts can peel off the belt. Familiarize yourself with the common signs your serpentine belt may need replacement.

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