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Maintenance January 26, 2016

Signs You May Need New Spark Plugs

Need new spark plugs.

Spark plugs play an essential role in your vehicle. They provide the needed ‘spark’ to ignite the air and fuel mixture within the cylinders. This is how your car starts, stays powered and runs smoothly.

The condition of your spark plugs can impact the performance of the engine. Fortunately, spark plugs don’t require replacement very often. Most auto manufacturers suggest having new spark plugs installed about every 30,000 miles.

Here are the top 5 signs that you need new spark plugs:

  1. Engine misfires – If your vehicle seems to stall for a short amount of time but then regain its speed, your engine is not functioning as smoothly as it should. This could be a sign that one or more of your sparks plugs are not firing properly
  2. Poor gas mileage – If you notice you are getting less mileage per tank of gas, your deteriorated spark plugs may be the cause. As spark plugs age, the space between the plug electrodes can expand or decrease, negatively affecting your engines fuel economy and emissions
  3. Trouble starting your vehicle – Dirty, damaged or worn spark plugs make it difficult to deliver the spark needed to start your vehicle’s engine. Over time, your car battery will also be affected.
  4. Poor acceleration – If you press down on your gas pedal and the vehicle doesn’t react with an increase of speed, your spark plugs could be causing a delay in response
  5. Engine idles rough – If your vehicle’s engine is making any unusual sound or you feel a vibration when stationary, your vehicles spark plugs may not be functioning adequately to keep the engine running smooth

If you have encountered any of these problems while cruising along, we recommend you visit one of Virginia Tire & Auto’s 17 convenient locations to have your car inspected. To make an appointment, click HERE

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