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Maintenance October 4, 2017

Kirk Cousins needs your help to change the world.

Doug Williams — the former Washington Redskins star and the team’s current senior vice president of player personnel — was asked about what kind of players can take the team back to its championship ways. He had a firm answer.

“Number one,” he said, “character matters.”

If that’s the case, the Redskins have the right quarterback on their roster right now.

Kirk Cousins IJM

Kirk Cousins — the third-year starter who finished third in the National Football League in passing yards and sixth in QBR last season — has shown that character, like making quick decisions or getting the ball to his playmakers,  is one of his core strengths.


Time out: A quick look at the International Justice Mission

The International Justice Mission is “a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world.” This violence can take the form of slavery, sex trafficking, sexual violence, property grabbing, police abuse and denial of citizenship, issues that the United Nations reports may affect as many as 4 billion people around the world. That’s horrifying.

Kirk Cousins IJM

The IJM responds to these nightmares. The organization works at a local level in hotspots around the globe to rescue victims of violence.

The IJM helps those survivors reintegrate back into their communities. IJM advocates identify and track down the perpetrators of violence. They represent the victims when they do finally have their day in court.

There are 17 IJM field offices around the world. IJM advocates work with volunteers in churches, schools and communities across the globe to raise awareness and the much-needed funds to keep the hard work going.


A young athlete is inspired and a chance invitation is offered. A QB coins a catchphrase.


Kirk Cousins is the son of a minister and grew up in Holland, Michigan. He started to get serious about his faith when he was a junior in high school.

“(It) wasn’t until…about my junior year of high school that I started to realize the sacrifice and commitment that it took to be a Christian,” Kirk told Beyond The Ultimate when he was still a star QB at Michigan State University. “To ‘walk the walk’ and to really live the life that Jesus lived and to follow after Him with everything you got; and not just (be) somebody who claimed to be a Christian.”

Kirk’s embrace of his faith dovetailed with another life-changing high school experience. His father, Don, took him to see Gary Haugen — IJM’s founder — speak about the organization’s mission.

“With clarity and conviction, Gary explained that there are tens of millions of slaves in the world today,” Kirk wrote in Relevant Magazine in December 2015. “He told stories of people who are suffering incomprehensible abuse in brothels and brick kilns. And he gave example after example of people—many of them children—who are experiencing horrendous acts of abusive, oppressive, injustice.

“Fast forward to 2012,” he continued. “Out of the blue, a Redskins teammate invited me to a benefit dinner for IJM, which happens to be headquartered in Washington DC…(my wife) Julie and I were deeply moved that night and decided that we needed to do something in response. Making a financial contribution was a clear and obvious step for us, and that response continues to this day. But I also wondered if God could use my platform in professional football to do something, anything, to serve the countless other(s)…in this world.”


“You Like That!” becomes a force for good


Every football fan knows Kirk’s iconic catchphrase, spawned in the heat of the moment after leading the Redskins to a come-from-behind victory over Tampa Bay in October 2015.

What fans may not know: Cousins began printing and selling “You Like That!” t-shirts and other merchandise, donating a significant portion of the proceeds to the IJM. He’s still selling the gear today.

“I just can’t believe how much it caught on,” Kirk said in a TV interview. “I guess the old quote, ‘Set yourself on fire and people will come from miles to watch you burn,’ is true. People like passion. There was some passion when I said that.”


Kirk Cousins, Virginia Tire & Auto and the IJM: Everybody wins

Kirk Cousins IJM

Kirk Cousins — the guy so nice that he sent a website a thank-you note after an online interview session — would’ve been made sense for Virginia Tire & Auto even if he hadn’t driven his grandparents’ old conversion van into our Dulles location back in 2016.

A family business partnering with a family man to promote Virginia Tire & Auto specials — a growing family, given that his wife, Julie, gave birth to the couple’s first child on Sept. 29. The relationship works.

“One of the reasons why we thought Kirk would make a great fit for Virginia Tire & Auto was his dedication to family and the community,” Julie Holmes, our company president and a mother of five herself. “Kirk isn’t just a good athlete — he is a good person, too.”

Kirk’s dedication to the IJM inspired us, as well. Through June 2018, we will donate a portion of every oil change to the International Justice Mission. Kirk is doing important work, and we want to support him in that effort.

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“The work of IJM has been close to my heart for over a decade now,” Kirk says. “The fight to end slavery, violence and human trafficking remains important to me and my family. I’m pleased to know that Virginia Tire & Auto will donate a portion of ALL oil changes to IJM through June of 2018! VA Tire’s support, along with the support of the entire Northern Virginia community, will be saving lives. Thank you for your help.”


When you need an oil change this season…

…please keep this season’s Virginia Tire & Auto specials  in mind, because Kirk’s play on the field this season can save you money on your next oil change.

Every time Kirk scores this season, you’ll save some cash. Take $2 off your oil change for every TD pass he tosses and $5 for any of Kirk’s rushing touchdowns. Offer is good every Tuesday after a Redskins game. 

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