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Events April 3, 2019

Meet the MyCar Club: Virginia Tire & Auto’s Loyalty Program

Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service dates all the way back to 1976 when our founder, Myron Boncarosky, opened his first Shell gas station in Fairfax, Virginia. He and his wife, Carole, operated that first service station with the belief that treating customers like they were a part of the family made for a better service experience.

We’re proud to say that we’ve never wavered from that customer-first mentality.

Our mission at Virginia Tire & Auto has always been to make car care as easy and painless as possible for our customers. Myron has a saying that lives at the core of everything we do: “Make it easy for the customer to do business with us.”

With that in mind, we launched our VTA Tire Collection, a curated collection of high-quality tires at affordable prices to take the stress out of tire shopping, and tires&, our full-service tire installation and driving bundle that grants you peace of mind about your tires’ performance.

We never want to stop offering easy ways to take care of your vehicle, just like Myron and Carole never stopped putting their customers first — which is why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the MyCar Club and Virginia Tire & Auto credit card in honor of our founders.

The MyCar Club and Credit Card

The MyCar Club is the new best way to save money on all your car needs. It’s a loyalty program that instantly rewards you for being a good car owner and keeping up with routine car maintenance. There’s no need to wait for a coupon to come in the mail or for points to stack up. As a member of the MyCar club, you get your rewards the moment you need them.

With exceptional value and great benefits, the MyCar Club is the next offering in a long line of ways we’re working to make taking care of your vehicle as easy and stress-free as possible.

The Perks

  • 5% off labor
  • $10 off every oil change
  • Free flat tire repairs
  • Free tire rotations
  • Deferred interest for 6 months on purchases over $149
  • Exclusive double rebates on select tire purchases
  • Plus much more!

The MyCar Club is exclusive to customers who apply and make purchases with our new Virginia Tire & Auto credit card. To join the MyCar Club, visit your local Virginia Tire & Auto to easily apply in-store. Every time you use your card to get repairs, new tires or car services, you’re able to receive these perks and other great offers as part of your exclusive membership.

In Honor of Our Founders

Myron and Carole

We have long respected the dedication and service that our founders Myron and Carole put into the formation and operation of Virginia Tire & Auto, so we thought it was more than fitting to name our next customer satisfaction offering after them.

Myron Boncarosky spent ten years as a Texaco rep calling on stations as part of his job and saw the joy station owners had in running their own businesses. At the same time, however, he was amazed that so many of them did not follow a customer-first service model.  

Not a mechanic himself, Myron took it upon himself to start a new kind of service station—one where he as a leader could focus on improving the customer experience as a whole.

From maintaining immaculate facilities to treating customers and employees like they were members of the Boncarosky family, Myron and Carole created a business that puts customer service above all else.

Myron and Carole both put all they had into doing whatever was necessary to make Virginia Tire & Auto a true rarity of customer service. Dedicated to the business in both body and soul, Carole even did the payroll from the hospital after the birth of her and Myron’s daughter, Julie, who currently serves as president of Virginia Tire & Auto.

Their hard work and unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction helped to shape Virginia Tire & Auto into the business we are today.

Let us help you be the best car owner you can be.

We know that it can be hard to stay on top of car maintenance. That’s why we’re working to make it as easy as possible to provide the car care that you need at an affordable price through our MyCar Club. Stop by one of our 17 locations or call 855-425-3677 to see how you can start saving today!

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