40 years of family.


February 3, 2017

How It All Started

We would not look for a piece of property. I hired a real estate agent. We bought a piece of property at Centreville, Virginia – four dollars and seventy-five cents a square foot, and I was going to build a garage.

And somebody gave me some advice, they said, “Myron, why would you want to reinvent the wheel? Why aren’t you associated with a Firestone, a Goodyear and see what they have to say?”

So I reached out and reached out to Goodyear, and the district manager said, “Myron, we’ve dealt with service station people and it has never worked.” I said, “do me a favor, stop by Main Street Shell, talk with me or send somebody by.”

So he did send his assistant out there and he came by the store and he called back to Irv Gets, was the district manager, he says, “Irv, you gotta come out here! You won’t believe this! This place has got tires, it’s clean, that’s a backhand and they’re busy. They are busy.”

From there on, was never a service station. From there on in, it was tires, tire centers, and we did very, very well with it.

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