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Tires March 8, 2019

Which Tire Brand is the Best? Virginia Tire & Auto’s Tire Brand Guide

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Michelin. Bridgestone. Goodyear. Firestone. The list of tire brands seems to go on and on once you start the hunt for new tires. With all the options to choose from, it can be hard to determine which tire brand is best for your vehicle.

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How do you decide which tire brand is best for your car? 

The short answer: You don’t have to.

The long answer: Since modern cars are so complex and specific, buying your tires based on which tire brand is “best” is not a great way to go about it. You need to consider vehicle size, class, budget, lifestyle and a whole myriad of other reasons to get the tire that’s right for you. Going by brand alone probably won’t get you there.

It can be tempting to base your decision off the last tire brand you heard about and work off the assumption that all tires are more or less the same, but that could lead you into dangerous—and possibly expensive—territory.

Rather, we advise that you compare tire lines of manufacturers to see how each aligns with what you need and want out of your tires. This still gives you a higher-level look at each tire manufacturer and what their capabilities are without skipping over the crucial details of tire specifications and features that you’d otherwise miss by looking at the brand alone.

Top Tire Lines at Virginia Tire & Auto 

To help alleviate the stress of tire shopping, we created the VTA Tire Collection, a carefully cultivated collection of what we believe are the top value tires and lines per class. We reviewed tire brands, prices, features, warranties and reviews to compose a list of tire lines that meet our standards for quality, value and performance.

Our VTA Tire Collection covers SUV/LT, performance and passenger/touring tires to make sure you get the right tire for your vehicle. Below is a list of the tire lines that met the criteria of our VTA Tire Collection for the typical passenger/touring vehicle to help you decide which tire brand is best for you given your vehicle, budget and lifestyle needs.


DriveguardIf changing a flat isn’t something you want to deal with when you’re already late for work, Bridgestone’s Driveguard tires are a fantastic choice. With the ability to drive 50 miles with zero psi after a puncture, the Driveguard is great for getting you where you need to go while still boasting smooth handling in all weather conditions.

Ecopia EP422 PlusGoing for some savings at the pump? Thanks to specialized technology that reduces heat buildup and rolling resistance, Ecopia tires are built to be fuel efficient in every season. Whether the weather is hot and dry or cold and wet, these tires are engineered to power on with ease to help you cut down on your gas payments each month.


Assurance WeatherReady – Reliability is what Goodyear’s Assurance tires are known for. Designed to keep their grip on the road even as they wear and age, these tires are as dependable as they come. Offering predictable control in every season and a solid connection to the road in any weather, these tires are perfect for those who rely on their tires day after day to keep them and their families safe.


Champion Fuel Fighter While you may never plow through snow and desert sand during the same trip, the Champion Fuel Fighter would have no problem keeping up with you. Great for traveling around the country, Fuel Fighter tires are great long-distance, multi-climate companions thanks to their high fuel-efficiency, longevity and durability.


Defender T+H – Michelin is known for their long-living tires, and the Defender is a key enforcer of that reputation. Their long-lasting dependability means your tires are good to go for years to come. On top of the quality performance, they’re engineered for luxury, so you can get a smooth, quiet, solid ride in every season.

General Tire

Altimax RT 43 – When it comes to maintaining control in slippery conditions, the Altimax definitely delivers. Strategically designed to grab any road with a sturdy grip, Altimax tires won’t let you slip and slide all over the roadway when it rains or snows. These tires also have specialized rubber that absorbs impact from the road, making your drive exceptionally smooth, comfortable and quiet.


PureContactWith its EcoPlus™ technology, the PureContact boasts enhanced tread grip on slippery slopes and best-in-class wet braking, giving you a smooth and safe ride in any condition. It’s improved treadwear, increased fuel efficiency and ComfortRide™ technology offer drivers an ideal combination of luxury and convenience.

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We make tire buying a breeze.

Deciding which tire is best for your car is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Drop by your local Virginia Tire & Auto or call 855.425.3677 to speak with the tire experts. They can help you sort through your options and decide which tire is best for your specific situation and needs.  

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