Happenings at Virginia Tire & Auto.

Awards March 21, 2016

Washington Business Journal: Virginia Tire & Auto Named One of the Top Family Owned Businesses

When most Americans think of taking their car in to get serviced, they envision waiting hours in a poorly-lit, drab room hours on end, all for a mechanic to tell them how expensive it’s going to be to fix their car and using terminology that mind as well be in a different language.

Virginia Tire & Auto’s goal is to get you to think differently about this experience.

Founder Myron Boncarosky, center, with daughter Julie Holmes, president, and her husband Michael Holmes, CEO.


Myron Boncarosky founded the company in 1976 with just one service station and 12 employees and since that time, Virginia Tire has now grown to over 400 employees, 12 locations and over $60 million in annual revenue. As the company prepares to mark its 40th anniversary this July, it proudly boasts 330,000 annual customers throughout northern Virginia.

Take one step in a Virginia Tire & Auto store and you’ll instantly notice the company’s unique take on the auto-care experience. There are fresh coffee and green apples out on the counter and cold drinks stocked in the fridge. For adults perhaps missing work, there is free Wi-Fi and for kids, there is a play area in the corner.

Throughout the company’s history, Boncarosky tries to ensure his customers’ happiness.

“Some of our customers are third generation,” he says. “They know us and they know what’s going on. … My phone number is listed, it’s not a secret. If somebody has a problem, they can call me and I’m concerned.”

Boncarosky recently handed the company’s leadership over to his daughter, Julie Boncarosky Holmes, and her husband, Mike Holmes.

“It wasn’t something that I was forcing on them. Because it was their choice and the dreams, the visions they have and the visions that I had – it just worked. I couldn’t have designed it any better than it has come out,” he says about the company’s transition.

Julie and her husband have four children of their own and have high hopes for the next generation.

“They already have tremendous brand recognition,” says Julie. “If they see one driving by, they immediately recognize it and my hope is that one day my children will want to be involved in the business and carry it on for their children.”

A Closer Look

Revenue:$60 million

Headquarters: Fairfax

Employees: 410

CEO: Mike Holmes

Generations: Two

Description: Auto dealership

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