Tire Single


All-Season High Performance Passenger Car tire Developed Specifically for Hybrids and Other Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles.

  • Features

    • New lower rolling resistance compound
    • Low rolling resistance tread pattern and profile
    • Silent Wall Technology
    • Multi-wave sipes
    • Four circumferential grooves
    • Recycled polyester casing
    • Manufacturer Warranty: Toyo Tire Limited Warranty ; 50,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty
  • Benefits

    • Improved fuel efficient and increased tread life
    • Lower rolling resistance due to high stiffness rib pattern
    • Improved tread contact for reduced rolling resistance and improved wear
    • Reduces pipe resonance, resulting in a quieter ride
    • Minimizes irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride
    • Increase all-season traction
    • Evacuates water to improve wet performance
    • Same quality and performance as newly manufacturered polyester material whilst saving natural resources

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