The Environmentally friendly "Green Performance" tire for City and Compact Cars.

  • Features

    • New materials and innovative compounds, aerodynamic sidewalls and lower weight
    • Hybrid materials and innovative tread pattern design
    • Made from eco-compatible materials
    • Innovative tread pattern design
    • Optimised tread design with specific pitch sequence (complies with the 2012 EU Regulation on the reduction of noise)
    • Also available in RunFlat version
  • Benefits

    • Reduction of rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
    • For a more stable footprint during all the tire life which increases safety on both dry and wet roads
    • For reduced environmental impact both at production and during the life of the tire
    • For a longer lasting tire with high levels of performance and safety on both dry and wet roads
    • For a quieter, more comfortable ride

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