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Winter Passenger Car tire.

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  • Features

    • Tread pattern with more gripping edges
    • High density sipes
    • StabiliGrip™, a 3-D sipe technology
    • Helio Compound+, a formula of full silica-based rubber compound with sunflower oil
    • Michelin Green X® - eco feature
    • Construction reduces rolling resistance
    • 30,000 Mile/50,000 Kilometer Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty (Speed Rating: H) **Mileage Warranty Exceptions
    • Standard Limited Warranty (All Michelin® Tires)
  • Benefits

    • Provides ultimate efficiency in both lateral and longitudinal grip
    • Provide excellent snow and ice traction
    • More rigidity for better handling and braking on ice, snow and black roads
    • Maintains its elasticity at low temperatures for enhanced performance and braking power on wet, snow covered and icy roads
    • For lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
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