All-Season High Performance Passenger Car tire Designed for Drivers who demand Ride Comfort, Handling and All-Season Touring Performance while Sporting an Attractive Style.

  • Features

    • Coupled silica tread compound
    • An optimized polymer matrix
    • Innovative 5-Rib all-season tread design
    • Four wide circumferential grooves including wide outboard grooves and high density siping
    • Open shoulder design with lateral slots and strategic siping
    • 60,000 Mile Treadwear Protection (U.S. Only); Free 45-day road test (U.S. Only)
    • M+S Rated
  • Benefits

    • Allows for superior wet traction without sacrificing tread wear
    • Allows the compound to remain pliable at lower temperatures while contributing to lower rolling resistance
    • Incorporates numerous features to provide for excellent stability, traction and treadwear
    • Resist hydroplaning at higher speeds and provide reduced stopping distance, improved wear and extra grip in wet conditions
    • Creates biting edges for all season traction and improved wet cornering handling

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