All-Season Passenger Car tire that Fits a Variety of Older Vehicles and is Available in Select White Sidewall Sizes.

  • Features

    • Squared off tread elements form an effective pattern of distinct gripping edges
    • Wide circumferential grooves and lateral grooves
    • Tread void, created by grooves and sipes, is greatest at the center of the tread, then decreases gradually toward the shoulder area
    • Variable sizing of the tread elements
    • Rubber compounds used throughout the tire
    • Combination of tread stock and tread pattern
    • M+S Rated
    • 40,000 Mile Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty (U.S. Only)
  • Benefits

    • For year round traction
    • Promote excellent wet traction by channeling water out from the contact patch
    • To aid traction and for overall, even treadwear
    • Helps reduce noise
    • Formulated for durability and performance
    • Delivers even wear and excellent mileage
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