All-Season Highway Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.

  • Features

    • Stiff center block design
    • Asymmetrical, four-channel layout and optimal block shape
    • 3D sipe applications
    • Zigzag style groove design
    • New and attractive sidewall design
    • 70,000 Mile Limited Warranty (P-Metric Sizes only)
    • 45,000 Mile Limited Warranty (LT-Metric Sizes)
  • Benefits

    • Reinforces stability, traction and handling capabilities for improved straight-line driving performance
    • Improves tread life
    • Maximize grip and braking performance which improves stability on snow-covered roads
    • Improves drainage performance, enhancing driving performance in wet conditions
    • Modern and contemporary look
CRUGEN HT51 image

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