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Winter Passenger Car tire.

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  • Features

    • Newly enhanced 3D canyon sipe technology
    • Wide lateral grooves
    • Wide circumferential grooves
    • High-density sipes
    • Strategically designed rib placement
    • Specialized rubber tread compound
    • Road Hazard Protection Warranty
  • Benefits

    • For increased ice braking and enhanced snow and wet traction
    • Help clear the road surface quicker for increased snow traction in slushy or deep snow conditions
    • Help channel water away from the tread for consistent contact with the road surface, increasing wet traction and driver confidence
    • Move water and snow away from the tread surface for greater road connection
    • Provides comfortable and stable handling no matter the road surface condition
    • Provides pliability at low temperatures for excellent winter driving ability in snowy and icy conditions

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