Tire Single


Street Legal Motorsports and DOT Approved Track Competition Tire.

  • Features

    • ¢ A world spec construction, featuring an improved motorsports-grade cap compound
    • ¢ Dedicated 8/32nd molded tread design
    • ¢ Solid center rib increases the contact patch under heavy acceleration
    • ¢ New proprietary casing design, bead apex and turn-up technology allow for the elimination of heavy steel construction
    • ¢ Optimized aqua tusk positioning allows better tread adhesion
    • ¢ Matched with three high void/low turbulence grooves
  • Benefits

    • ¢ Effectively maintains grip as tire temperatures increase
    • ¢ Reducing tread squirm while providing efficient mileage for street use
    • ¢ Significantly reducing wheel spin
    • ¢ 8% weight reduction
    • ¢ Delivering abundant wet grip performance
    • ¢ Consistent wet weather speeds can be achieved as potential hydroplaning tendencies are reduced
AZENIS RT-615 image

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