Tire Single


Versatility for Luxury Crossover and SUV.

  • Features

    • High polymer silica compound
    • Special "Falken Feature" F-ARROW identity
    • Three wide circumferential grooves
    • Multiple nylon reinforced layers
    • Asymmetric tread design with large outside shoulder blocks
    • Falken Tire Limited Warranty
  • Benefits

    • For superior traction and grip
    • Brand new sidewall that enhances the overall look of the tire
    • Effectively evacuate water and significantly improve hydroplaning resistance for outstanding wet handling
    • Designed for better high speed stability, plus new optimized casing profile offers better contact with the road for increased handling,
    • rticularly in the area of lane change maneuvers
    • Provide enhanced cornering and better braking traction while reducing tire noise
AZENIS FK453CC image

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