Tire Single


Unique “Hybrid” Design between an All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain Passenger Light Truck tire, making this a tough, real "Any Terrain" Radial.

  • Features

    • Advanced radial construction
    • Built on a mud tire carcass which provides an extra deep tread
    • Self cleaning tread with “Stone Kickers”
    • High load ratings on SLT sizing
    • Extra wide footprint
    • Trademark "DC" Sidebiters
    • Siped tread lugs
    • Specialty Light Truck (SLT) Sizes feature 3-Ply sidewalls with crossply technology
    • Dick Cepek Standard Limited Warranty
  • Benefits

    • For high mileage and a smooth ride
    • For a longer lasting tire and higher load ratings
    • For off road traction
    • For great towing capabilities
    • For better traction and even wear
    • For added traction & protection
    • For better grip on smooth surfaces and ice
    • For better handling, increased puncture and tear resistance at the sidewall, and better towing capabilities

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