All-Season All-Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.

  • Features

    • Chevron, self-cleaning grooves
    • Full length, full depth micro-gauge™ corrugated sipes
    • Snowgroove 2.0
    • Twin tire bars
    • Severe Weather Rated
    • M+S Rated
    • 50,000 Mile Treadwear Protection
    • Standard Limited Warranty
  • Benefits

    • More aggressive offsets improve snow and loose surface traction
    • Optimizes all-terrain performance with an emphasis on winter traction and improves worn appearance for a more premium look
    • Increase the contact surface area and locks snow into the grooves, generating snow-on-snow traction
    • Provide stability for confident handling and reduces irregular wear for longer tread life and a quieter ride

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