Tire Single


All-Season Ultra-High Performance Passenger Car Sports, Tuner and Hot Rod tire.

  • Features

    • High-Silica, cold-weather flexing compound
    • Directional tread design with large, rigid tread blocks
    • V-shaped angled lateral and longitudinal grooves
    • High lateral void with beveled biting edges and wide lateral grooves
    • ETEC System optimizes the contact patch
    • Squared off shoulder and enhanced contact patch shape
    • Optimized shoulder with large, rigid, wraparound outer tread blocks
    • 45,000 mile/70,000 km Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty Speed rating: [W, Y]
    • Standard Manufacturer's Limited Warranty (All BFGoodrich® Tires)
  • Benefits

    • Designed for the best wet and dry grip, with all-season traction
    • Optimizes rubber to road contact for ultimate dry grip
    • Efficiently evacuates water for better wet traction
    • Improves snow retention and adherence for great mobility during winter
    • For enhanced traction at high speed
    • Improves long-term wear versus the G-force Super Sport A/S
    • Ultimate grip in hard cornering, resists irregular wear typically associated with directional tread and gives a bold performance look
G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S image

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