DOT Off-Road Race Spec tire.

  • Features

    • Confident high-speed performance that helped claim SCORE Baja victory 20 years in a row
    • Superb tread area puncture and bruise resistance with excellent off-road grip
    • Aggressive, self-cleaning tread design with special tread element edge scoops and shoulder scallops
    • TriGard® Plus Construction–three full nylon carcass plies plus an additional nylon sidewall ply†
    • Two strong steel belts with two full-width nylon cap plies
    • Durable bead construction
    • Dual-compound tread
    • Black sidewall styling
    • Standard Limited Warranty (All BFGoodrich® Tires)
    • Some sizes have 4 full nylon carcass plies
  • Benefits

    • Chosen by more Baja 1000 champions than all other tires combined
    • Built for the toughest conditions on earth
    • Excellent off-road soft surface traction; more tread element edges, great side bite and lateral traction in off-road situations
    • Exceptional strength, bruise resistance and structural integrity; great strength and puncture resistance in the sidewall
    • Confident high-speed performance and handling
    • Strong lower sidewall; precise steering response and predictable cornering
    • Excellent cutting and chunking resistance; high durability
    • Distinctive appearance with black-outline serrated letters and unique Baja T/A® insignia
BAJA T/A image

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