Tire Single


All-Season / Winter All-Terrain On-and-Off Road Passenger Light Truck tire with Aggressive Traction, even in Snow.

  • Features

    • Race proven CoreGard™ technology - tougher sidewall rubber
    • Thicker, extended shoulder rubber
    • Advanced deflection design
    • Specially formulated tread rubber
    • Interlocking tread design
    • Stone ejectors
    • Two strong, steel belts with one full-width nylon cap ply
    • Durable bead construction
    • Side-biter lugs and mud-phobic bars
    • 3D sipes
    • Branded with the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol
    • Standard Limited Warranty (All BFGoodrich® Tires)
  • Benefits

    • For tough, split and bruise resistant sidewalls
    • Help reduce chip and tear for superior gravel road endurance
    • For longer, more uniform wear
    • Increases tread block stability for exceptional treadlife
    • Provides internal toughness
    • Enhanced mud, rock and soft soil traction
    • For greater manoeuverability in soft soil and deep snow conditions
    • Provides more biting edges for significantly increased snow traction
    • Meets Rubber Manufacturer Association (RMA) and Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) Severe Snow Traction requirements

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