All-Season Passenger Car tire.

  • Features

    • 3D active sipe technology
    • Advanced silica infused tread compounds
    • Aqua-Flume Technology - curvilinear groove network
    • Computer optimized footprint
    • Full depth tread
    • ETEC System
    • G-Wedge sidewall stabilizer
    • Continuous center rib
    • 60,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (H & V Rated Tires)
    • 70,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (T Rated Tires)
  • Benefits

    • Provides more biting edges for increased wet and light snow traction and stability for longer wear
    • Deliver outstanding grip year round
    • Designed to disperse water from under the contact patch
    • Manages tread wear evolution for longer life and a quiet ride
    • Maintain consistent performance and appearance throughout the life of the tire
    • Maintains optimal footprint shape during cornering and high speed situations
    • Stabilizes sidewall for crisp handling and a comfortable ride
    • Provides consistent steering response and road feel

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