Many roads can lead to success.

Family is ours.

Virginia Tire & Auto began in 1976 as a small family owned and operated company.

Now, we are at 15 locations and growing. But even as we’ve grown we’ve made sure to emphasize that we’re a family here. By doing so, we’ve found we can better help each other and better serve the communities we’re in.

Careers Overview

We offer a variety of career options and provide great opportunities to advance from within. If you’re as serious about service as we are, you’ve come to the right place.

Featured Employees

Naweed Profile Picture_v2

Naweed Kakar

General Service Technician

Naweed has been with Virginia Tire & Auto since 2013. In this time he’s learned more and more about the vehicles that come into our shops every day. While Naweed enjoys changing oil, rotating tires, and changing tires, his goal is to become a certified state inspector, and he's confident the team at Virginia Tire & Auto will help him reach his goal. He enjoys solving problems for the customers and he enjoys the team environment. “I enjoy spending time with my coworkers. Virginia Tire & Auto is like a second home for me.”


Christian Ianni

Learning and Development Manager

When Christian came in for an interview with us 6 years ago, he had no intention of working at an auto shop. But what he was prepared for was a vision entirely different from his preconceived notions. He began at the front counter at our Ashburn location with “next to no car knowledge” but was open to learning and has had several mentors here through the years. He has put what he’s learned to good use and has gone from Sales Associate, to Sales Manager, to Learning and Development Manager.


Jeff Todd

Store Manager

In his 17 years with Virginia Tire & Auto, Jeff has touched almost every part of the business. Beginning as a general service technician in our Gainesville location, he has risen steadily, taking advantage of our Leadership Development program, and is now the store manager of our Gainesville location. As he says, “When you’re an employee that’s hungry for advancement like I was, Virginia Tire & Auto will really open doors for you.”


Michelle Pecarro


Michelle came to us 5 years ago after a job in retail and began working behind the front counter of our Centreville location. She has taken advantage of one of the many diverse career paths at Virginia Tire & Auto and is now bookkeeping at our Central Business Office. “I think the most satisfying aspect of working here is how much you can learn,” says Michelle, “There’s always a new opportunity to grow in whatever direction you want.”


Dan Viteri

General Manager

Dan has been with Virginia Tire & Auto for 13 years, beginning as a general service technician on a part-time basis while in college. When he graduated, he quickly learned that a work environment is different than what is taught in the classroom. He has taken advantage of almost every opportunity for growth that we offer, from our Leadership Development Program and Pinnacle Performance training to seminars and conferences. He is now the General Manager of four locations.

Boyan Nikolov_Profile Picture_V2

Boyan Nikolov


Boyan joined the Virginia Tire & Auto family just over a year ago. Since he started, Boyan has significantly developed his knowledge about the automotive industry and how to have a prosperous career. He is a new student in the Apprentice Program, and he recently obtained his first two ASE certifications. Boyan aspires to be a professional master technician and a mentor for other technicians.

“I try to develop as many employees as I can because I am so grateful to those who developed me and recognized my potential.”

- Jeff Todd
Store Manager, Virginia Tire & Auto of Gainesville

"This company is great to work for with plenty of room for advancement."

- Enrique Mendez
Store Manager, Virginia Tire & Auto of Falls Church

"Virginia Tire & Auto is a very professional company that recognizes their employees when they perform at a high level."

- Trevor Bissler
Sales Manager, Virginia Tire & Auto of Bristow