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Car Tune-Up in Chesterfield, VA

It’s not always obvious when your vehicle needs a tune-up at the shop, but major issues could be lurking where you can’t see them. Getting ahead of potentially dangerous and expensive repairs can save you time and money—and spare you a few headaches down the road. Whether your car is running fine or something seems off, it’s a good idea to take it in for a car tune-up at Virginia Tire & Auto of Chesterfield.

What is a Car Tune-Up?

According to Kelly Blue Book, a car tune-up is “a type of preventive maintenance performed on a vehicle to ensure it continues to perform well.” It typically includes the replacement and checking of major systems in your vehicle, such as the engine, as well as other parts known to wear down quickly.

During a car tune-up, technicians will repair and replace parts to get them running at their full capacity. If these critical parts are not replaced and continue to take on damage, your vehicle will likely start to perform worse and worse as these small issues develop into larger ones. When you bring in your vehicle in for a car tune-up, you’ll leave with a smoother ride and more efficient engine.

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Car Tune-Up Services at Your Chesterfield Virginia Tire & Auto

Our technicians are ASE Certified and can perform a car tune-up on any vehicle no matter the make, model or year.

We perform thorough visual inspections of your engine and related systems to see what’s really going on under the hood. Our expert technicians go beyond where computers and sensors may fail to make sure every element of your vehicle has been evaluated from bumper to bumper.

Here’s a list of what our technicians perform during a car tune-up:

  • Onboard computer checks
  • Spark plug inspection and replacement
  • 25-Point Oil Change Service
  • Engine fuel system inspection to look for clogs and clumps
  • Ignition and exhaust functionality tests
  • Filter inspection and replacement
  • PCV valve inspection and replacement

How Often Should I Get a Car Tune-Up?

A good rule of thumb is to take your vehicle in for a car tune-up once a year if it is in good condition. Some vehicles need more frequent visits, so it’s always best to go by the suggestion in your owner’s manual since the recommendation can vary by make and model.

Many dealerships will have a general recommendation, but it does not take into consideration your individual vehicle, driving style, road conditions in your area, etc. At Virginia Tire & Auto of Chesterfield, we always suggest following the car tune-up schedule recommended by the manufacturer of your specific vehicle.

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How Will I Know I Need a Car Tune-Up?

It may not always be obvious when your vehicle is due for a car tune-up. Sometimes issues can remain hidden until they develop into larger, more obvious issues down the line that could have been prevented by a simple tune-up weeks before.

Be on the lookout for signs that your vehicle needs a trip to the service station. Decreased gas mileage, compromised power, rough or stalling engines, and engine knocking are all good indicators that there’s something wrong. Once you’ve noticed that something doesn’t seem quite right with your vehicle, take it into Virginia Tire & Auto of Chesterfield to have it inspected by our trained technicians.

Can I Still Drive My Car if it Needs a Tune-Up?

We don’t recommend it, but you will likely be able to still drive your vehicle for a bit even if your vehicle needs a tune-up. If you know something is wrong, we recommend taking care of whatever the issue is while it’s still a small and relatively easy fix rather than waiting until it becomes a large, expensive repair. Plus, depending on the needs of your vehicle’s system, you could be putting your car, yourself and your passengers in danger. Getting ahead of your car’s maintenance issues is always the best practice for quality car ownership.

Schedule Your Car Tune-Up in Chesterfield, VA

Is your car due for a tune-up? Drop by Virginia Tire & Auto of Chesterfield today or schedule an appointment online and let our experts take care of your car.

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