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Driveline Services in Springfield, VA

If you plan on taking your car anywhere, you’re going to need a properly working driveline. The driveline turns the energy from your engine into the rotations of your tires, so if that’s not working right, your vehicle probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Getting regular driveline service at Virginia Tire & Auto of Springfield is vital if you want to keep your car—and your life—moving.

What is the Driveline of My Vehicle?

Basically, it’s a system that moves power that came from the engine and was modified in the transmission to the wheels. The main component is the drive shaft: a long tube of steel that is linked to a car’s transmission at one end and the wheels at the other. It transfers the mechanical power from the transmission to the other components of the vehicle. Other components include the clutch, flywheel, transmission, differential and axles.

What’s the Difference Between A Driveline, Drivetrain & Powertrain?

The powertrain includes everything from the car’s engine to the wheels—basically, everything that gets your car moving. It creates and changes and moves power to keep you rolling smoothly.

“Driveline” and “drivetrain” are often used interchangeably to refer to the same system. The driveline includes everything in the powertrain except the engine. It takes the power produced by the engine and adjusts and directs it to help you drive.

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How Will I Know If I Need Driveline Service?

As with most intricate vehicle systems, it’s always best to check your owner’s manual to see when your manufacturer recommends getting driveline services. The general rule of thumb, however, is to have it inspected every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Drive shafts wear down over time and accrue damage that isn’t always obvious to see.

If your vehicle is shaking, especially at high speeds, or starts making strange noises, again at high speeds, then those are probably good signs that you’re in need of driveline services at the Springfield Virginia Tire & Auto. Other indicators it’s time for a tune-up are if you feel resistance while making tight turns or if your vehicle is shaking heavily as your drive.

Is the Suspension System a Part of a Driveline?

It’s a common misconception that your suspension is part of your driveline system (we know we said the driveline goes from the transmission to the wheels), but since your suspension isn’t necessary to get your wheels rotating, it’s not technically a part of your driveline system.

Your suspension is entangled with your wheels and the rest of your driveline, so it is often grouped in with your driveline and powertrain when looking at the issues of your vehicle from a holistic angle. But since it takes damage in different ways and due to different factors, it needs its own inspection process and services.

Driveline Services at Your Springfield Virginia Tire & Auto

Since you may not know which system needs checking or if your issue is contaminated fluid vs. damaged parts, our expert technicians will inspect your vehicle to help you determine the kind of repairs you need. Whether it’s a simple driveline service repair or a larger powertrain issue, we’ll perform whatever is needed to get you back out on the road in a smoother, safer vehicle.

One of the most common reasons for driveline service is worn or broken couplings. Depending on what drive your car has (front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive), the drive shaft connects into one of two types of couplings: a Universal Joint (U joint) or a Constant Velocity joint (CV joint). We will inspect your vehicle’s CV or U Joints using the following checkpoints:

CV Joints
Visual inspection:

CV boots for tears, splits or leakage of lubricant
CV joints for excessive movement due to worn components

Test drive:

Listening for clicks or thumps that indicate what type of further inspection is required

U Joints
Visual inspection:

U boots for tears, splits or leakage of lubricant
U joints for excessive movement due to worn components

Test drive:

Checking for high-frequency vibrations at moderate speeds

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Schedule Your Driveline Service in Springfield, VA

It can be hard to determine what kind of service you need if you have a bumpy ride, but the experts at Virginia Tire & Auto can help. Bring your car into Virginia Tire & Auto of Springfield for driveline services today or visit us online or call (703) 726-7605 to schedule an appointment and let us get you back out on the road with a smoother, safer ride.

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