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Car Battery Service in Falls Church, VA

It’s simple: Every vehicle needs a car battery to start the engine. In addition to powering your engine, your car battery also sustains, filters and produces power for the ignition and electrical lighting.

When this important component of your vehicle is damaged or dead, you’re going nowhere fast. That’s why it’s imperative to make a car battery check a part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine.

Our Falls Church, VA, location features highly trained staff, industry-leading equipment and superior customer service to ensure that Virginia residents receive the highest quality car battery service.

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Why select Virginia Tire & Auto of Falls Church for your car battery service?

The expert mechanics at our Falls Church location can test and replace your battery before it dies. Based on your driving habits and vehicle model, we’ll choose the best replacement option and install it so you can get back on the road safely.

Car Battery Selection & Pricing

We’re proud to offer a selection of long-lasting, high-quality batteries from America’s number one replacement brand—Interstate Batteries. Trusted by mechanics for more than 65 years, Interstate Batteries give drivers the dependability and power they need. Our selection of Interstate Batteries includes:

  • Better: Interstate Mega-Tron® II: Featuring a 24-month free replacement warranty and a 60-month nationwide performance warranty, this five-year performance battery offers the best in durability and practicality. The Mega-Tron® II averages 640 cold cranking amps and provides more power for accessories and plug-in devices than the competition. Pricing starts at $119.99.
  • Best: Interstate Mega-Tron® Plus: This is our top-of-the-line car battery. The Mega-Tron® Plus provides an industry-leading 30-month free replacement warranty and a 72-month nationwide performance warranty. This high-performance battery also averages 780 cold cranking amps, providing even more accessory and device power than the Mega-Tron® II. Pricing starts at $139.99.

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Car Battery Replacement Process

Featuring several bays equipped with the latest industry technology, customers can trust their vehicles to our Falls Church location, no matter the make or model.

Our ASE Certified Mechanics and ASE Master Mechanic on staff begin the process by visually inspecting your vehicle’s starter system. Next, we check cable connections and starter mounting bolts and brackets for corrosion, fraying or breaks. Lastly, we’ll measure the amount of electricity needed to turn the engine over during cranking through a starter electrical draw test. After comparing this number to your vehicle’s manufacturer specs, a Virginia Tire & Auto mechanic will determine if a new battery is needed.

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Why do you need routine car battery service?

On average, a car battery lasts between three and five years. However, that lifespan can be shortened even further if your battery is exposed to extreme conditions or poor driving habits. Ultimately, the longer you drive with a car battery, the higher the odds are that you’ll get stranded with a dead one.

It’s important to understand whether or not your battery is putting out the correct amount of amperage to avoid sudden car battery failure. According to the Car Care Council, vehicle owners should have their car batteries tested periodically. Virginia Tire & Auto of Falls Church recommends having your battery inspected every time you bring your vehicle in for routine service—approximately every 7,500 miles.

The truth is, a car battery will eventually conk out. Look for the following indicators that you need a new battery:

  • Corrosion, or white build up around the positive, “+,” and negative, “-,” connections
  • Slow engine crank
  • Check engine light
  • Swollen or bloated battery case
  • Battery leak
  • Low battery fluid level
  • Battery older than five years

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Did you know?

Your car battery comes with a “born on” date. Normally, it’s the first letter and the first number of the inscribed code. The letter corresponds to a month — for example, A is January, B is February, C is March, D is April and so on. The number corresponds to the final digit of the year – 1 would be 2011, 2 would be 2012, 3 would be 2013, 4 would be 2014, etc.

Discover the Best Car Battery Service in Falls Church, VA

Whether you need a car battery inspection or a full replacement, the experts at Virginia Tire & Auto of Falls Church will ensure that you have a powerful, dependable car battery to keep you on the road safely. Schedule an appointment today at our Falls Church, VA, location!

We service all major automotive brands.

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