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August 2, 2018

Meet Cassidy Pierson, Training Coordinator at Virginia Tire & Auto

VA Tire employee expose.

The people at Virginia Tire & Auto are what make us who we are. From entry-level technicians and master mechanics to sales associates and store managers, we wouldn’t be able to provide our customers with the service and support they need without every single employee.

We’re passionate about offering quality training to our employees and promoting from within. This week, we interviewed Cassidy Pierson about her role at Virginia Tire & Auto and how her career has evolved with the support of our staff.

Cassidy’s Journey at Virginia Tire & Auto

Back in 2015, Cassidy was on the job hunt. She heard about Virginia Tire & Auto from a few of her friends, so she applied for a sales position. Cassidy was hired on as a sales associate shortly after and began her journey at Virginia Tire & Auto.

Cassidy enjoyed working as a sales associate but made the decision to pursue a different opportunity at a dealership closer to her home. She quickly realized, however, just how special the culture is at Virginia Tire & Auto, and decided to go return to Virginia Tire & Auto a few months later.   

Back as a sales associate, Cassidy noticed an opening at the company for a training coordinator, and although sales associates typically progress into sales managers, the job description looked appealing. After expressing interest in switching career paths from sales to people services, Virginia Tire & Auto accommodated and promoted her into the new role. Cassidy is grateful for the opportunity and excited to begin her new career.

“At Virginia Tire & Auto, you know you’re appreciated and that they’re there for anything you need,” she explains.

Cassidy’s New Role

With multiple locations, hundreds of employees and thousands of vehicles receiving service, making sure that employees are trained, ready and satisfied is undoubtedly one of the most important roles to fulfill. That’s exactly what Cassidy does for Virginia Tire & Auto in her new position.

As a training coordinator, Cassidy is responsible for new hire orientation—making sure that employees’ first week on the job not only meets but exceeds their expectations. Although a large portion of Cassidy’s role is ensuring that training is going smoothly behind the scenes, she’s also on the frontlines making sure that employee feedback is heard and addressed.

It’s safe to say that if you’re a current or prospective employee at Virginia Tire & Auto, chances are pretty good that you’ll meet and interact with Cassidy at some point. Whether she’s helping train new recruits or ensuring that longtime employees are happy, Cassidy is the ultimate champion for Virginia Tire & Auto’s culture.

Company Culture at Virginia Tire & Auto

From dodgeball games to company picnics, Cassidy reiterates the tight-knit, family feel of Virginia Tire & Auto’s company culture.  

“At other jobs I’ve had, I was just a number. I’ve never worked for a company that has been as dedicated to their associates as they are at Virginia Tire & Auto. Our CEO, Mike Holmes, knows everyone down to the shuttle driver,” Cassidy explains.

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