Car Care Tips

Tips to keep your car on the road.

  1. Virginia Tire & Auto August 2, 2018

    Meet Cassidy Pierson, Training Coordinator at Virginia Tire & Auto

    The people at Virginia Tire & Auto are what make us who we are. From entry level technicians and master mechanics to sales associates and store managers, we wouldn’t be able to provide our customers the service and support they need without every single employee. We’re extremely  passionate about offering quality training to our employees […]

  2. Virginia Tire & Auto July 16, 2018

    Making Decisions: Myron Boncarosky’s Legacy of Putting Customers and Employees First

    More than four decades of dedication and integrity paved the way for Virginia Tire & Auto’s success. By Tom Sileo Early in his career, Myron Boncarosky recognized the importance of honesty and hard work while working at Texaco. He also noticed that something was missing. “I wasn’t able to make decisions,” Virginia Tire & Auto’s […]

  3. Virginia Tire & Auto December 14, 2017

    Meet Julio Argueta – Mechanic at Virginia Tire & Auto Dulles

    Most of us have taken our cars into the repair shop before, and while some auto repair shops will explain what’s wrong with your car and what needs to be fixed, the overall repair process can still sometimes feel opaque. A few weeks ago we interviewed General Manager Dan Viteri and learned a lot about […]

  4. Maintenance December 7, 2017

    Catching Up With Kirk Cousins

    Our customers have been saving money on their oil changes on Tuesdays this football season with Touchdowns for Markdowns, which knocks $2 off for every touchdown Kirk Cousins throws and $5 for every one he rushes. You can find this week’s recap here. Kirk is also well-known among our readers for his grandfather’s van, which […]

  5. Virginia Tire & Auto November 9, 2017

    Meet Dan Viteri – General Manager at Virginia Tire & Auto

    When you think of who works at an auto repair shop, your mind probably immediately goes to the mechanic. They’re the person that does the repairs, and at a smaller shop, they might be one of the only employees. While the mechanics and their work are at the core of the business, there are a […]

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