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Tires January 9, 2015

Tire Protection Policy: Should You Consider It?

Many of our customers ask, “My tires have a manufacturer warranty, isn’t that the same as a Tire Protection Policy?

No. Let’s cover some of the basic types of tire manufacturer warranties and insurance coverage.

Flat tire
  • Most tires come with a limited manufacturer warranty against defects. Tire Manufacturer Warranties protect buyers against material or workmanship defects such as irregular wear (not due to the vehicle or driver), tread separation or broken belts within the tire. Such defects are extremely rare because tires are critical to vehicle safety, and are manufactured under rigorous quality standards by reputable name-brand manufacturers.
  • Some tires come with a tread life warranty. Tread life warranties are provided by the manufacturer and usually offer some prorated refund if your tire does not last the full mileage life. There are often many exclusions and limitations, such as damage caused by the road or driver.
  • Almost no tires come with a manufacturer tire protection policy. When a manufacturer does include Road Hazard warranty with the purchase of the tire, the coverage is usually less generous than separately purchased Road Hazard policies. If you are buying tires that come with Road Hazard coverage, review the terms of the coverage to determine whether additional insurance is a worthwhile purchase for you.

When purchasing tires you may wonder, “Should I buy a Tire Protection Policy?”

Like all insurance policies, this is a matter of personal preference. If you feel that you experience a greater incidence of tire damage, punctures, etc. it may be worthwhile for you. This could be the case depending on where you live, work (like in new construction areas), or how often you drive. Ask yourself if you would prefer to avoid the cost of replacing one of your tires if damaged. Finally, many separately purchased policies cover expenses such as spare tire assistance and 24-hour roadside assistance. What is peace of mind worth to you?

Virginia Tire & Auto Tire offers a Tire Protection Policy. Coverage includes:

  • Any cut, impact or penetration on a tire which is considered repairable by Tire Industry Association (TIA) guidelines, will be repaired by Virginia Tire & Auto at no cost to the Policy Holder.
  • Tires considered un-repairable, by TIA guidelines and the Rubber Manufacturers Association guidelines will be replaced based on original invoice date—balance and tax not included.
  • If an exact match is not available, a tire of comparable quality and price will be installed.

This Tire Protection Program is available on all tires sold at Virginia Tire & Auto locations. This policy is non-transferable.
You can learn more about Virginia Tire & Auto Tire Protection Policy by clicking HERE, or call or visit your local Virginia Tire & Auto location.

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