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Tires January 19, 2016

Tire Care Tips

We understand everyone wants to get the most mileage out of their set of tires. Proper care and maintenance are key for optimal performance and longevity. To assist with this, Virginia Tire & Auto suggests following these tire care tips:

Check your tire pressure on a monthly basis. For the most accurate results, check your tire pressure in the morning, before you have driven the vehicle. You can find your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure in your owners manual or on the sticker on the driver side door. In some cases, this sticker may also be located inside of the cover of your gas tank or on the inside of the trunk.

Balance your tires. In some cases, the distribution of weight is not perfectly even all around the tire. Tire balancing compensates for the weight differences to make sure that tire weight is evenly balanced. This service is recommended every other oil change or when rotating your tires.

Rotate your tires. Regularly rotating your tires helps maintain tire safety and supports even tread wear. During rotation, each wheel is removed and placed in a different location on the vehicle to ensure even tire wear. This service is recommended every second oil change.

Observe your tire tread. Your tire tread allows your vehicle to safely grip the road and maintain control. If the grooves in the tire have worn down, your vehicle won’t grip the road effectively. To test the tread of your tires, use the Tire Tread Penny Test:

1. Take a penny and hold Lincoln’s body with your thumb and forefinger

2. Find the area on your tire with the lowest tread and place Lincoln’s head into one of the grooves

3. If any of Lincoln’s head is covered by the tread, your tread has at least 2/32” of tread (considered okay). If your tread is below the measurement, your vehicle’s grip is significantly reduced

Align your tires. A wheel alignment consists of slightly adjusting the front and/or rear vehicle suspension parts. If your alignment is off, your vehicle could be unsafe to drive because you have less control. This service is recommended once a year!

Virginia Tire & Auto wants to ensure that our customers are driving on safe tires. To encourage proper maintenance, we regularly offer service coupons so be sure to view ongoing deals by clicking HERE.

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