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Tires November 4, 2015

Registering Your Tires Can Save Your Life

Did you see the recent report on NBC News detailing the flawed Tire Recall System? There were devastating stories and scary statistics. For instance, from 2009-2013 3.2 million tires have been recalled. However, only 44% were taken off the road.

Currently, it is not required for tire dealers to register any tires they sell, so most don’t. However, Virginia Tire & Auto considers the safety of its customers a top priority. That is why we register every tire sold from any of our 15 locations. It’s a routine practice that we take pride in offering and have been doing for years. Virginia Tire & Auto has registered over 225,000 tires.

The main purpose of registering tires is to provide a way for the tire manufacturer to contact you in the event of a recall. When a defective tire issue is identified, the manufacturer is required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to contact the tire owner of the problem and resolve the issue.

However, if your tires are not registered, the manufacturer will have no way of contacting you and you could be unknowingly driving on hazardous, defective tires. When you purchase from Virginia Tire & Auto you can have peace of mind that the tires are registered.

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