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Safety October 5, 2015

4 Things to Check After Hitting a Pothole


Pothole season will be upon us in no time. As roadways freeze and thaw, water erodes the asphalt and creates falls or cracks in the road. It is estimated that pothole damage accounts for nearly 500,000 insurance claims per year. If your car ends up hitting a pothole be sure to do the following:

1. Inspect the rims and tires of your car: Look for signs of bulging on the sidewall of your tire and/or significant dents to the rims

2. Listen and look for leaking fluid: A pothole impact can result in damage to the undercarriage or engine mounting area of your car

3. Be aware of any change in your steering: Is your car pulling in one direction? An alignment problem often gives the driver a sense of wrestling with the steering wheel, since a misaligned car may want to pull to one direction instead of maintaining a straight path

4. To assess your car’s suspension, think about the following: Do you feel a ‘swaying’ when turning? Does the car dive down during braking? Does the car sink in the back when accelerating from a dead stop? If any of these symptoms occur, there could likely be a suspension issue

If you observe any significant tire and rim damage or notice any change in your car’s performance, be sure to bring it into Virginia Tire and Auto to be inspected. You can make an appointment by clicking HERE.

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