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Virginia State Inspection and Virginia Emissions Inspection Virginia Emissions Testing & Safety Inspection

Every car has to meet a standard. We’ll make sure yours does too.

What is a Virginia State Safety Inspection?

In accordance with the standards set by the Commonwealth of Virginia, a state inspection is performed to check the safety equipment of your vehicle, such as turn signals, wiper blades, headlights, taillights, and more to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly. A safety inspection is performed once every year.

Virginia Safety Inspections.

Standards are set by the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • Cost is $16
  • Due every year
  • Takes about 25 minutes per vehicle (issues with a vehicle, like having difficulty removing a wheel, can add time)
    • Customers can reduce wait times by pre-approving up to $30 of minor repairs that we can do immediately while the vehicle is in the inspection bay, should they be needed.
  • If your car does not pass, a Virginia Tire & Auto sales associate will review the reasons with you
    • You will have 15 days to make repairs and have your car re-inspected for $1 at this location.
    • The item(s) that did not pass the original state inspection will be re-inspected. If another issue is visible (possibly happening after the original safety inspection, e.g. a mirror now hanging, or a cracked windshield) the car could fail the re-inspection.
    • If you take your car somewhere else for re-inspection, you will have to pay the full amount and your car will be subject to a complete safety inspection once again.
    • Note: Virginia law prohibits any state inspections while your car is in line. So even if the reason it will not pass the inspection is plainly visible, your car still has to be pulled into the bay—the only place official Virginia safety inspections can take place.
    • We offer free loaner cars should you need one.

Emissions Testing and Inspections

Standards are set by the Commonwealth of Virginia

While you drive, your car emits carbon exhaust gas from the muffler at the back of your vehicle. Your car has equipment built in to minimize the amount of carbon emission. A Virginia emissions inspection checks your vehicle’s carbon emission levels to make sure they are meeting Virginia State required levels. This emissions testing is due every other year.

  • Cost is $28
  • Due every other year
  • Takes about 15 minutes per vehicle (1996 model year cars and older take longer)
  • If your car does not pass, we cannot do repairs on the spot—emissions repairs take some time to perform
    • You will have 14 days to schedule repairs and be re-tested.
    • There is no charge for your first re-test at the same location. If you go somewhere else, you will have to pay the full VA emissions inspection fee again.
    • We offer free loaner cars should you need one.

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If your state inspection reveals some repairs that need to be made, we can do them for you. In fact, we go beyond what any dealer or can competitor can offer. From tires to expert technicians to comfortable surroundings, our mission is to be your first and only choice for all your car needs.

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