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Wipers, Mirrors, & Other Car Accessories

Little problems with your car — a side mirror that doesn’t adjust the way it should, a rear view mirror that’s lost its adhesion, a defroster that takes forever to work — can be legitimate safety hazards. Every time you move to change lanes, a little rain falls, or you need to drive on a cool morning, you’re reminded that you have a real issue with your vehicle.

Bring your car into Virginia Tire & Auto when you need help with any of your mirrors, wipers or other accessories. Our outstanding, affordable service can get you back on the road fast, no matter how large — or small — your vehicle maintenance issue.

Repairing your car’s side and rear view mirrors

Driving with a damaged or compromised rear view mirror or side mirror reduces your visibility and compromises your safety — and the safety of those around you on the road.

Common car mirror problems include:

  • Adjustment issues. Your driver’s side or passenger side mirror adjusts up or down, but not side to side. Or, conversely, you can move the side mirror side to side, but not up or down. Worst case scenario — the side mirrors do not adjust at all.
    This problem may be the result of electrical issues with the side mirror motors, broken side mirror switches or gears or other power-related issues. Our mechanics at Virginia Tire & Auto can help fix these kinds of malfunctions.
  • Broken side mirrors. Your side mirrors are prone to a lot of accidental damage — they hang out in a space that can easily be invaded by other vehicles, people or objects. A broken side mirror, or even a missing side mirror, is a job that we can complete at Virginia Tire & Auto.
  • Rear view mirrors that lose adhesion. A rear view mirror that won’t stay put is a real danger — not only can it fall at any time, pulling your attention from the road and depriving you of that valuable line of sight behind your vehicle — but it can also break and create an -n-car danger zone. A Virginia Tire & Auto mechanic can make a quick fix of this issue.
  • Rear view mirror sensors or display not working. Rear view mirrors can have electrical issues, too. This is not a problem that you can generally solve on your own — bit a Virginia Tire & Auto mechanic make the necessary repair quickly and conveniently.

Virginia Tire & Auto can replace missing, malfunctioning or damaged mirrors at any of our 13 Northern Virginia — many of which are conveniently open every day of the week, including Sundays. Schedule an appointment now.

A clear view: Your windshield and rear windshield

Several issues can affect your line of sight — both forward and backward — while you drive. Let’s consider some of the problems that our mechanics at Virginia Tire & Auto solve every day.

Windshield wipers don’t work. There’s never a good time to find out your windshield wipers don’t work — unfortunately, it’s usually the worst time.

Windshield wipers don’t work when the wiper motor blows a fuse — this can be caused by excess snow, branches or other obstructions preventing your wipers from moving.

If the windshield wiper pivot nuts need to be tightened, the wiper arm may become loose and the arm won’t move. Sometimes, this is a quick and easy repair — other situations require a mechanic.

If the electrical motor that powers your windshield wipers burns out, your wipers definitely will not move — and you’re going to need an expert Virginia Tire & Auto mechanic to replace that motor before they work again. Schedule an appointment now.

Old windshield wipers. Old, degraded car windshield wipers can greatly reduce your visibility, especially in when the Northern Virginia weather gets nasty. Do your wiper blades streak or blur your windshield in the rain or snow? You need to have your wiper blades replaced.

Experts recommend replacing your car windshield wipers at least twice per year. Our technicians at Virginia Auto & Tire are happy to install new front and back windshield wiper blades as a standalone service or in addition to any other repair or service. Schedule an appointment now.

Windshield defroster not working. One of the more frustrating problems a motorist can face! Windshield defroster issues are often the result of low engine coolant, a problem with your car’s heater core, a broken blower or a blown fuse.

A Virginia Tire & Auto mechanic can quickly diagnose the cause of the windshield defroster problem and make repairs fast. Schedule an appointment now.

Windshield washer fluid system malfunctioning. We have to ask — are you sure it’s full? If your car windshield washer fluid system is not working correctly, you may have a clogged nozzle — a minor issue you may be able to solve at home — or a burnt-out washer fluid pump (a bigger problem). A Virginia Tire & Auto mechanic can let you know for certain.

Rear window wiper not working. The same issues that can cause a problem for your car’s front wipers can also affect the rear window wiper. Blown fuses, motor issues and loose pivot nuts can cause a rear windshield wiper to fail. Talk to a mechanic at Virginia Tire & Auto to fix your rear windshield wiper today. Schedule an appointment now.

Rear window defroster doesn’t work. The lines along your rear window represent the rear window defroster. If these lines get chipped or cracked — even slightly — it can cause the rear window defroster to fail. An old rear window defroster may lose its ability to conduct electricity, also causing rear window defroster failure. We recommend allowing a Virginia Tire & Auto mechanic to take a look at the situation. Schedule an appointment now.

Rear window washer fluid isn’t spraying. Like your windshield, the cause of rear window washer fluid issues often boils down to a trio of problems — empty or damaged washer fluid reservoir, a clogged nozzle or a faulty washer fluid pump. Your Virginia Tire & Auto mechanic will find the answer fast.

Care for chips and cracks: Car windshield repair

A chip in your car’s windshield creates a hazard for you or anyone riding in your car. A minor fender bender can cause a small chip or crack to shatter on impact, leaving your car with no windshield at all. Contact Virginia Auto & Tire for car windshield repair or replacement today. Schedule an appointment now.

Replacing, repairing and upgrading your car’s accessories

Wondering where to take your vehicle for accessory issues and vehicle systems? Virginia Tire & Auto’s technicians can also repair or replace the following items at our 13 Northern Virginia locations:

  • Horns
  • Power / manual antennas
  • Air bags
  • SRS sensors
  • Traction control systems

If you’re used to heading to your car dealership when you have maintenance issues, try Virginia Tire & Auto this time. Our service will be better — and cheaper. Schedule an appointment now.

We service all major automotive brands.

We service all major automotive brands including Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and Volkswagen