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  1. savings January 14, 2016

    Auto Warranties, Maintenance and Repairs — Does a Vehicle Owner Have to Use the Dealer?

    Can a Dealer Deny New Warranty Coverage if the Owner Took the Vehicle to A Non-Dealer Shop for Routine Maintenance and Repairs?
    No! Vehicle owners have several options to stay on top of routine vehicle maintenance and repairs – use the dealer, another automotive maintenance provider or do it themselves. For those who use someone other than the dealer, the dealer cannot deny factory warranty coverage.

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  2. savings December 22, 2015

    Cold Weather Gas Saving Tips

    Cold weather affects your vehicle in a variety of ways, including your gas mileage. These tips will help you travel the extra distance without costing you more

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  3. savings April 23, 2015

    Tips to save money on gas mileage

    Learn how to make the most out of your gas

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  4. savings April 17, 2012

    Stretching Gas Dollars

    Gas prices are on the rise again, so drivers are looking for ways to get the maximum miles out of a tank of gas. In addition, improving fuel economy also benefits the environment by releasing fewer emissions into the air. Quality auto maintenance and care, sensible driving, a properly-tuned engine, and combining and scheduling trips, will each help to effectively get the best gas mileage a vehicle can provide.

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