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  1. safety January 06, 2017

    Preparing Your Vehicle For Cold Weather

    While winter weather can be a pretty sight, it presents a slew of challenges to you and your vehicle. Cold weather ensures the mechanical abilities of your car are working overtime. Here's how to prepare.

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  2. safety May 17, 2016

    Avoid the Kicking and Screaming for Your Next Road Trip

    Now that the cost of flying for a family of four is about four times more expensive than driving it seems like this summer is as good a time as any for a road trip. No doubt, many families will opt for packing the minivan this year to reach their destination- and we are here to help your trip run smoothly!

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  3. safety February 04, 2016

    How Tire Tread Depth Affects Stopping Distance

    What is Tread Depth? Tread depth is a vertical measurement between the top of the tread rubber to the bottom of the tire’s deepest grooves. In the United States, tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch. New tires on most new cars measure 10/32 inches to 11/32 inches.

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  4. safety December 24, 2015

    Tired of Seeing the TPMS Warning Light – Consider Using Pure Nitrogen This Winter to Fill Your Tires

    No one likes to see a warning light illuminated on their dashboard, especially that pesky TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) warning light, which seems to light up every time there is a drastic drop in temperature. Add to that having to make a stop at the local gas station to fill the tire with air and most of us are at the point of full annoyance. Perhaps you should consider filling your tires with pure nitrogen this winter to alleviate this hassle. Pure nitrogen, a more popular option to fill tires, maintains tire pressure three to four times longer than air.

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  5. safety November 20, 2015

    How to get your car ready for winter

    Following these simple steps can keep you and your car warm and safe during the winter season

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  6. safety November 13, 2015

    Emergency Car Kit: What should it consist of?

    Be prepared for winter with an Emergency Car Kit

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  7. safety October 12, 2015

    Why is my dashboard Oil light on?

    Take the Oil light on your dashboard seriously!

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  8. safety October 05, 2015

    4 things to check after hitting a Pothole

    Tips to follow if your car ends up hitting a pothole

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  9. safety September 21, 2015

    Why is my Check Engine light on?

    If your check engine light turns on, it's important to see what maintenance is needed

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  10. safety June 11, 2015

    What to do if your Car Overheats

    As the heat begins to rise, your engine temperature will go up as well.

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  11. safety June 05, 2015

    Car Safety Tips for the Summer

    As summer approaches, Virginia Tire and Auto wants to emphasize the danger of a heated car.

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  12. safety January 29, 2015

    Explaining Automotive Safety Recalls

    Learn about safety recalls and why they should be taken seriously

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  13. safety January 06, 2015

    Winter Driving Tips

    Tips for driving in snow, ice and freezing rain.

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  14. safety December 30, 2014

    The 411 on Sidewall Bubbles in Tires

    This article highlights the dangers of a sidewall bubble in your tire and how to handle if such an issue arises.

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  15. safety October 10, 2013

    Virginia State Inspections Checklist

    What that yellow sticker on your windshield really means.

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  16. safety March 07, 2013

    Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

    Everything we own needs to be taken care of – especially our vehicles. While vehicle maintenance intervals are longer for newer models, scheduled service is required for all vehicles to be reliable and safe. Every vehicle has a maintenance schedule, typically located in the owner’s manual or in a separate maintenance log book. This schedule provides details of the vehicle’s needs, and adhering to these requirements will help to avoid automotive maintenance mistakes.

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  17. safety June 28, 2012

    Car Safety Kits

    Disaster can strike at any moment, to anyone. Sometimes we forget how vulnerable our everyday routines truly are. It is important to be prepared in any sort of emergency, in order to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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